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What is IREM®?

The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®) is a national organization of real estate management professionals. This organization is an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS® and its membership is comprised of real estate professionals engaged in the management of multi-family, retail, commercial, and industrial facilities.

What is The IREM® Industry Partners program?

The Industry Partners program is a unique opportunity for our members to become acquainted with your company’s products and services. The program will allow the Chapter to put together a vendor directory for use by its members. IREM® has created this special category of membership for professionals whose business lines are critical to the real estate management industry.

IREM® recognizes that in order to stay current with evolving laws, regulations, and technology, IREM® members must have good information from reliable sources. The communication of this information to our members is often voluminous and leads to confusion. With the IREM® Industry Partners Program, sponsorship is limited to two companies per specialty. This allows our members a greater selection of quality Partners to chose from.

As an IREM® Industry Partner, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to position your service to the industry’s key decision makers. This is your personal invitation to become an Industry Partner with IREM® Hampton Roads Virginia Chapter.

Industry Partner Information & Application

Our Industry Partners receive many benefits from their annual membership. Dues include a presence on this website, listings on each month's chapter meeting marketing materials, listings and rotating spotlights in our weekly email newsletter, and a discount towards an advertisement in our online member directory. Download and fill out an Industry Partners application, or contact Henry Wilcox at 757-217-1886 or by email at

IREM® Industry Partner Guidelines:

  1. The categories will consist of a mix of vendors and professionals in our field.

  2. Industry Partners will be eligible through introduction by a CPM®/ACoM/ARM® member in good standing. An application for membership is attached and is also available from the IREM® Industry Partners Committee or the Chapter Association Executive. After completing the CPM®/ACoM/ARM® reference portion of the application, the CPM®/ACoM/ARM® should send it to the IREM® Industry Partners applicant for completion. The completed application and the appropriate fee should be then forwarded to the IREM® Industry Partners Committee as indicated on the application. If the application is cancelled for any reason, payment will be returned.

  3. There will be a standing committee to encourage membership in, and regulation of, the IREM® Industry Partner program. This committee will consist of a Chair, who is an IREM® member serving on the Executive Council, one CPM®/ACoM/ARM® member and Industry Partners who are all in good standing. The purpose of this committee will be to review applicants’ credentials and character prior to approval, and then to recommend approval to the Executive Council.

  4. Any issue concerning an Industry Partner should be presented to the Industry Partner committee who will review the situation with the person(s) involved to determine an appropriate course of action. Final decision lies with the Executive Council.

  5. Only two companies in the same category (i.e., providing similar services or products) may be an Industry Partner at the same time.

  6. The categories for the Industry Partners are limited to the categories listed on the application. Any additional categories must be approved by the IREM® Industry Partners Committee and the Executive Council.

  7. Industry Partners must attend a minimum of 50% of the Chapter’s functions. If a Partner fails to participate in the Chapter’s functions, the Chapter will have the right not to extend membership for the following year.

  8. It should be understood that our functions are meant for the purpose of building relationships and conducting chapter business. Voting at motions presented at the meeting is strictly prohibited unless one holds the CPM®, ACoM or ARM® designations and is a member in good standing.

  9. Industry Partners will be subject to an annual fee due on January 1 of each year. The annual fee will be prorated quarterly based on date of application after January 1. This entitles the corporation to the special privileges and benefits outlined below that are still available in the year that they join.

  10. Industry Partner applicants will be required to sign the application acknowledging the terms and conditions upon which their membership is contingent. Industry Partners will be reviewed every two years to ensure compliance with membership guidelines. The Industry Partners Committee will make recommendations to continue or remove Industry Partners to allow other companies to participate.

Rights and Privileges:

  1. New Industry Partners will be formally introduced at the next Chapter meeting. Industry Partners will be listed on the Chapter website and various social media platforms.

  2. Industry Partners can receive exposure to Chapter membership and other real estate professionals by making a presentation at a monthly educational session. Educational presentations are available based on first come, first served and the topics must be approved by the Executive Council. Partners may also give a short presentation (<5 minutes) at any meeting to announce changes in the business environment that would be applicable to the property management industry.

  3. Industry Partners are encouraged to submit educational articles pertaining to their specialty for posting on the website.

  4. Industry Partners name or logos will appear on the Chapter meeting notices, and event programs.

  5. Industry Partners will be entitled to send two representatives to each monthly meeting at the rate afforded all members. Two identification name badges will be provided.

  6. Industry Partners will receive a link and logo on IREM® Hampton Roads Virginia Chapter’s website and be listed on the website directory.

  7. Industry Partners have exclusivity for the category that each company covers. The Industry Partner may be listed on the website and cover one main category, limited to two companies participating in that category.

Limitations and Prohibitions:

  1. All Industry Partners are strictly prohibited from directly soliciting business at the Chapter functions, i.e. canvassing and handing out of business cards/brochures. The intent is to avoid the appearance and fact of active solicitation and canvassing of the Chapter membership.

  2. The Industry Partners agree that their participation in the IREM® Industry Partner program in no way denotes or assumes any direct affiliation with Chapter 39 and/or IREM® National, and/or any other NAR affiliate. Further, they agree such participation represents a “supportive partner” of the Chapter solely and totally.

  3. The Industry Partners agree that violation of any rules, regulations, privileges, limitations, and such, current and future, in Chapter’s sole discretion may result in the termination of membership from this program.

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